About Us

At the Foundation We believe that we are convinced that children and young people will have more opportunities.

We have a history of 106 years of continued service in Bogotá, Colombia. Throughout these years, Sociedad de Salas de Asilo has helped near 37.000 children from low-income families in the city.

Throughout these 109 years, CreSiendo has helped around 38.000 children who have had access to:

  • Values education
  • Formal and non-formal education
  • Health care services
  • Nutrition services
  • Different activities in arts, music and sports

In this way CreSiendo has contributed to colombian social integration, not only of children, but their families too.

Our History

Founded in Bogotá in 1905 to provide education, meals and health care to children of widows of the Thousand Days' War in Colombia.


In 1905, Mrs. Genara Cote decided to open a nursery in line with the teaching methods of Maria Montessori and Jean Henri Pestalozzi. By then, only children under 5 years of age were eligible to benefit from the program that offered meals and education services. As years passed, these children grew up and found no further protection, Sociedad de Salas de Asilo opened different programs available to older children.


From 1906 to 2004, Sociedad de Salas de Asilo opened 3 schools that assisted children from low-income families through education, nutrition, cultural activities, health care and counseling.


In 2004, these 3 schools were closed and Hogar Infantil Arco Iris was opened. This day-care program benefits 120 children under 5 years of age. Here, they are given 3 meals every day in addition to recreational and academic skills needed to enter school.


The after-school program Pandora Arte y Lúdica began in 2008. Since then, near 80 children over 5 years old come every afternoon after classes to take part in artistic activities such as music, theater, dance, arts, sports, crafts and games.